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I wrote to Eskom about load shedding.

20 Jul

Just in case you first or even second world citizen’s are not in the know. South Africa does load shedding. Load shedding happens when the lights, plugs, computers, hairdryers, geysers, shavers, heaters, fridges etc are switched off to save the country electricity. I am not against this, as there seems to be a great need to save electricity. I just want to be informed about when these electrical appliances will go off.

I went on to their website to try to ascertain when my town would be “load shedded”. I wasn’t able to get the help I needed and the email I posted them will explain all.

The email

From : Me

To: Eskom

Subject: The practicality of the Eskom load-shedding website.

Dear Sir,

Last week I was in Queenstown. When searching for Queenstown on your website I realized that I had to know the municipality name to do a search. In the Eastern cape the municipality names do not resemble the town name so I was stuck.

This week I was in Stutterheim. When walking past the municipality I took note of the name “Amahlathi” as the name of the municipality. So I went to the website to try a search. Unfortunately instead of being allowed to do a search for the Stutterheim town I was given suburb names to choose from. A visitor does not know these names either.

I would venture to say that your website is unusable for the visitor / traveler / holiday maker and is only useful for the resident.

Please note that I also tried to send this email via your web page and after going through the process of writing all this out and filling the forms in and pressing “send”. I received the reply – “We are unable to send your email due to technical reasons”

I believe 3rd Party websites and Apps do a better Job of informing the public of load shedding.

Yours frustratedly

South African Citizen on the move

Will Eskom Reply? If they do I promise to post their reply.