Cherry Tomatoe and Chilli Jam

10 May

Cherry Tomatoe and Chilli JamThe Cherry tomato plants were taking over the front garden. Before I finally took them out I harvested about 1 kg of tomato’s. Lets make Jam!

 What we used

1. 1 kg of Cherry Tomatoes
2. 3 Chillies
3. 1 kg Sugar
4. 2 lemons





Step 1

Harvest some Cherry Tomatoes and Some Chillies. I Suppose you can buy them as well. We picked about 1 kilogram from our Garden.

Step 1










Step 2

Cherry Tomatoes

Wash the cherry tomatoes. And then split        them with a knife. Other recipes say to de-seed and skin the tomatoes. . . . Yeah right. You try to de-seed and skin 150 cherry tomatoes. I happen to enjoy the preserved skins on my toast.






Step 3

Step 3

My wife Raelene then de-seeded and expertly chopped the 2 chillies. I suppose you could use more if you like chillies. We harvested our own small and potent birds eye chillies from our garden. I must say that the chillies really add something special to the taste.






Step 4

Step 4

Raelene grated the lemon rind (zest) from the 2 lemons very fine and added it to the tomatoes.







Step 5

Step 5

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add it to the tomatoes.








Step 6

Add the 1 Kg. sugar – we used brown. Mix the mixture together and leave to stand for an hour or two.


Step 7

Step 7

Bring the mixture to the boil. Then reduce the heat so it can simmer for about 1 to 1 and a half hours. To test the consistency of the jam, spoon a teaspoon of jam onto a cold saucer. The consistency should be stiff rather than runny. I personally like runny jam. It is somehow tastier.






Final Step

Final Step

Bottle the jam. We washed the jam jars in boiling water before bottling it. It made about 3 and a half bottles. Very tasty. I enjoy it on toast, bread, and with cheese and biscuits


One Response to “Cherry Tomatoe and Chilli Jam”

  1. Greg August 22, 2012 at 12:32 am #

    Can we get a sample!? Seen that you harvested ALL the chillies and tomatoes..

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